Construction Management

Project preparation
When a pharmaceutical or biopharmaceutical organisation decides to expand or innovate, new constructions are often needed. These might include a new cleanroom, a new process installation or a lab. 

How can Progress help you with this?
From the project design stage, the construction managers of Progress are involved in the detail engineering of a project and supervise the entire construction process. This gives the project organisation and construction management the assurance that the work can be carried out properly during construction.

Our construction manager then conducts discussions with the relevant levels of government to establish which requirements are applicable to the client’s wishes and demands. Finally, our construction manager checks whether all the contract documents, such as (basic) specifications, drawings, permits, H&S (Health & Safety) plans, have been prepared or delivered. This ensures that construction can be carried out in compliance with all contractual demands, government regulations and codes.

Construction supervision for installations and modifications to both existing and new construction is another service provided by Progress. This includes activities like:

  • Selecting suitable constructors and suppliers
  • Preparing contracts
  • Reviewing construction drawings and documentation
  • Auditing revised drawings
  • Testing
  • Post-commissioning services.