Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC)

Chemistry Manufacturing and Controls (CMC) encompasses the development, testing, documentation and registration of a new pharmaceutical product, the production process and associated analytical methodes.

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Compliance is one of the keywords in a life science (production) environment. “Just say what you do and do what you say” and just as important “write down what to do, and do what is written down.” (Bio-)Pharmaceutical organisations must attend to these matters. During inspections (e.g. IGJ, FDA) organisations are assessed to see whether they comply with their agreements and regulations. Our specialists and project managers can support you or improve your quality systems on all Quality related aspects.

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Engineering and Qualification

Progress is your partner for engineering projects related to production, pilot plants and laboratory facilities in the (bio-)pharmaceutical and health care industry. We can manage, organize and / or excute your project from feasibility through hand-over to Operations of a qualified and validated facility and/or process.

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Advanced therapeutic medicinal Products (ATMPs) are medicinal products for advanced therapy, such as cell therapy and gene therapy. ATMP therapy is a collaboration between a biotechnological company and a hospital. Treatment consists of administering (genetically) manipulated cells that initiate a specific process in the patient’s body. Treatments often brings high costs, severely ill patients and limited amount of product and time.

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Lean Six Sigma

Progress offers specialists who can help you to solve problems by applying lean and six sigma tools. These are structured and proven methods that focus on a combination of increasing efficiency and reducing variation in processes. Because we have a long track record in biotech and pharma, we understand the specifics of this industry, including its regulations and guidelines. We will not suggest improvements to your process or business which jeopardize compliance.

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