Temporary Staffing

An organization can have a need for temporary filling of resource gaps for positions that are important or even crucial for priority projects or for running operations. Temporary staffing may for instance be required to replace a permanent employee on maternity leave, in case of a long-term illness or when a vacancy cannot be fulfilled at short notice.

Temporary staffing can also be a good option when it is known in advance that a specific expertise and/or capacity is only needed for a shorter period of time due to the nature of the project, or to be able to deliver on time in peak periods.

Progress professionals can support you on a temporary basis with their wide-ranging expertise and experience in fulfilling roles such as:

  • QA officer supporting the operational or compliance team, or acting as QA delegate in projects;
  • Quality engineer in production or QC, handling deviations, CAPA’s and change control and/or proposing process improvements within production or QC;
  • CMC specialist, e.g. providing specific expertise on topics such as virus validation or extractables and leachables, upstream or downstream scale-up strategies or CMC technical writing (module 3) regulatory support;
  • Engineer in engineering, qualification or maintenance departments;
  • Team member or team lead in engineering, CMC or quality projects;
  • Interim management at middle, senior and executive management.